Electronic Security Systems

Each of our solutions are unique, carefully researched, and thoroughly planned. A JPSG Solutions Security Expert will work with you to assess your specific safety and security needs in order to provide a solution that is exactly right for the challenges you are facing today and scalable to meet and exceed your needs for tomorrow.

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Sentinel Security

JPSG Security Guards are certified by Swedish Police Authorities & JPSG Protection Security Teams are licensed by ISA Academy. Our employees are specialized in high end, customer service focused security & protective solutions. Since the inception of JPSG in 2003, our main goal has always been to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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Security Consulting

The modus operandi within the JPSG Risk Management Group is that we consult each client with the same energy, high-end professionalism & exclusive discretion. Our custom made solutions aim to respond to the specific needs of each client and enable them to identify, manage, and mitigate current and future risks.

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Welcome to JPSG Solutions Inc.

JPSG Solutions is a unique and innovative security company with only first-rate educated and extremely talented security personnel within our employee pool.

Our Electronic Security section is specialized in designing, programming, creating, installing and operating vast alarm implementations and an extensive number of innovative surveillance systems.

Both for Home & Estate markets as for Commercial, Industrial or Government Organisational Facilities, Buildings and Base infrastructures.

Our Sentinel Security includes a vast set of programs and innovative guarding & Protective techniques that are functional and based on a vast archive of experienced knowledge and skilfulness.

We are superbly capable in delivering big scale standardized as well as highly innovative security procedures and advanced fortification techniques.

We are proud to verify our company’s source of success, our pool of accomplished Sentinel Security Professionals who perform work and conduct missions within all branches of the international security industry.

All who apply for an employment within our company's Sentinel Security Sections and subsections need to have gained their authorization from adequate certification and licensing Organisations.

A second key door to pass before employment is our own in-house selection course system.

Only after and if applicants manage to accomplish the requested tasks can they become one of our colleagues and apply to various sections and subsections within our organization, such as our Static Security Units or in one of our Event Guard or Specialized Security Guard units.

Our programs for BG/PPO/CPO and Executive Protection Teams are of the highest standard.

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