Protective Security Consultancy

Each day, there is an unprecedented increase of threats aimed at Commercial Properties, Entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, Executive Managers and employees in other important positions.

Citizenry, City Counsels, state governing bodies and organizations, also government employees and politicians often find themselves in peril by threats aimed at them personally or, as in some cases even worse, against their loved ones.

We at JPSG Solutions Inc. do not only believe, we are in fact convinced that companies can minimise the risk to their employees and property by ensuring that tested risk mitigation policies, processes and especially our own highly intelligent & innovative procedures are in place.

JPSG Solutions Inc. has developed a range of integrated and bespoke consultancy tools that support detection and deterrence measures in real time.

These tools and our extensive know-how enable our clients to safely conduct their business activities.

One of many goals on target when these tools were developed by our JPSG Solutions strategic & tactical Process lab2, is to ensure an intense versatility and the ability to integrate these tools to a multitude of tasks and challenges within a vast range of real life channels and networks.

All to enable each tool to be utilized as means to decrease any and all threat-target-status of our clients, and thereby increase their productivity, which logically will lead to increased profitability for all parts.

Our services include:

Standard, Executive, Political & Diplomatic Protective Security Consultancy

Case Study:

Diplomatic Service

The Executive and Diplomatic Protection Officer and CEO of JPSG Ltd.

provided, as Team Leader, a strategic security audit of an embassy and the Ambassador’s personal security.

The audit consisted, amongst other, of a high level review of the existing security measures and recommendations for improvements.

  • Personal security of the Ambassador and the Ambassador’s family
  • The skills of the close protection team
  • The capacity of the operations room within the embassy and the tracking system
  • Counter Surveillance Measures and information services

Risk Management Consultancy

JPSG Risk Management consultancy packages are custom made to help our clients to understand and mitigate the security risks faced by individuals or organisations.

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the client and enable them to identify, manage, and mitigate current and future risks.

We have extensive experience in delivering risk management consultancy to both Government Agencies, Commercial Organisations as well as to Private Individual Clients.

Corporate Security

Our JPSG Corporate Information Security consultancy includes market-leading Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) surveys, and cyber and communication security.

Companies with operations in hostile, uncertain or high-risk environments can also minimise the risk to their employees by ensuring that tested threat mitigation policies, processes and procedures are in place.

Pre-incident Consultancy

In the case of a kidnap or extortion event a degree of fear and panic within the concerned people and their next of kin will naturally follow.

Understanding the mechanics and sequence of the crisis, planning, preparing and rehearsing for this eventuality is the best way to minimise the levels of stress for those dealing with the kidnappers or extortionist, and to ensure the safe and timely release of victims.

JPSG Response Group has developed specialised Risk Management Tools that support prevention, deterrence, detection, and which utilize appropriate response measures for our clients.

When delivered, this training can help clients to become aware, and accept the existence of personal security issues, improve their personal security arrangements, and thus reduce the likelihood of an identified crisis incident occurring.


The threat of kidnap or extortion can be minimised, but it can never be completely eliminated.

In the event of an incident, we will immediately dispatch our experienced Response Consultants to the client’s aid, anywhere in the world.

Using principles and methodologies developed and proven over several decades, our Response Consultants will guide the client through the entire process to enhance the chances of a successful conclusion of the incident.

Active Analysis Section

Act A-Sec is our Active Analysis Section responsible for assignments concerning Risk Analysis and Travel Security.

The Section is divided into a number of departments, from which two examples can be presented:

  • Risk Analysis/NEWS Section
  • Travel Security

Operations Division

Our operational division deals with assignments concerning operations, governance, risk management and development of the total security concept. The division is divided into six departments and one support department:

Of which we here only will present two examples

  • Security Services
  • Business Risk Intelligence