The Executive Directory

Lou Genomadi

Founder, President, Chairman, Chief Executive Director

Jake Wellrand

Vice President, Marketing Director

Overall Security Section/Protective Division Director

Shafir Kadzaph

Business Director

B2B Department Director

Kenneth Harly

Intelligence Director

Electronic Security Director

Core Values

Core values guide our professional and personal actions.

Services. Quiet Professionalism is our hallmark. We are dedicated to the objectives and missions bestowed upon us, and we pride ourselves on our extraordinary responsiveness to the needs of our customers.

Integrity. We uphold the highest standards of conduct. We seek and speak the truth - to our colleagues and to our customers. We honour those of our own kind, from all Protection Officers who historically have shouldered our profession, as well as our own company colleagues, with whom we are proud to work today.

Excellence. We hold ourselves - and each other - to the highest standards. We embrace personal accountability. We reflect on our performance and learn from that reflection.

"One can alsways evolve towards a higher level, strive to become better"...By Louige Damion

Management Department

Eric Leepson

Protective Operations Division Manager


Chris Nescori

Protective Operations Assistant Manager


Sam O'Fraanzi

Protective Operations Team Manager

Drivers Team Assisting Officer

Marty Bentson

Protective Operations Support Manager

Marc Quistland

Security Guard Section Manager.

Active Analysis Department Officer

Lenoard Didrier

Command Center Manager

Alexniev RothGould

Drivers Team Manager

B2B & Marketing

Active Analysis Department Officer

John Rogneuf

Electronic Services Officer

(All Individual names on this page have been changed in accordance to standard ID protection procedures)


Security Agency

While we can’t really show even the tip of the iceberg of tactics and strategies that our work and missions rests upon, or the impact they make, we can share the shiny parts that stick out above the surface.….

We believe firmly that great work is due to skill sets, but also that even greater work can be achieved by cooperation’s and support from capable and highly valued partners.

JPSG Solutions Inc. is honoured to be collaborating with our partner Companies & Organizations